Second collaborative effort from Daniel Biry and André Stitt. Unlike the previous CD which dealt with  intimate and personal feelings this one is more an attempt to recreate, in a studio situation, André's stage 'akshuns'.
Daniel has produced numerous background tracks with André for his performances.
Title track Ceasefire by Stiitt/Alquimia.

Here are some lyrics from Ceasefire:


 Camden Town 6pm..

These wings they move, they're thick, they stick

Bent down double she glides by my side; see her now she holds
half a mouth, the roof of the world
juts from her throat

Thrilling now she beats
she swoops, she kills the kin
pouring thru my skin

You know
I suffer amnesia when you touch these things, yes this is where
it all begins, yes this is where

I walk around
my feet don't touch the ground
New Cross, New Crown
New Cross. New Crown

I flew across
to the other side of town
New Cross, New Crown
New Cross, New Crown

I washed these brains
just to see what I had found
New Cross, New Crown
New Cross, New Crown

Tried to find my youth
it lay buried in the ground
New Cross, New Crown
New Cross. New Crown

Stuck my head right up my ring
I just couldn't hear a sound
New Cross, New Crown
New Cross, New Crown

Road Black Time Flies
Ignoring Shooters Drill
Sweeping Silver Foil
Lemon Skin Vanishing

Discovering the touch Forever vanishing
Forever vanishing

And all you bums who walk this do you ever kneel and pray, a if you do what do you say, and is it lie?

These wings they move

Here we face

me liquidation

Forever vanishing

Stitt - Vocal & samples
Debbie King - vocal
Daniel Biry - Synthesizer, Keyboards
Jim Wharmbey- Bass guitar
Paul Stacy - E-Bow & Lead gutter

shappin for burgers, shappin
for Burgers"

'to live in justice responsibility
choice, yes

all this here flow, the

             very glue
that renders things significant

that are not'


Click on the links below to download sample tracks (MP3s) from Ceasefire.

Crow  (1 Mb)

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